About the Program

About the Coalition

School is not just a place to build academic knowledge, it’s a microcosm of the socially and culturally diverse world beyond the classroom that awaits students after graduation. Educators and schools have a key role in helping students see themselves, engage with their peers, and interact with the world around them.

Mission & Vision

The Social-Emotional Learning Coalition provides educators nationwide with a framework to integrate SEL into core instruction and help students practice core SEL competencies in everyday life.

Through a collaborative network of industry-leading organizations, we provide continuous educator supports to help guide academic success, maintain emotional wellbeing, and develop a culture of collective care in communities nationwide through timely, standards-aligned content.

Guiding Principals

Highlighting the importance of intentionality in building relationships, creating safe spaces, and amplifying student voice.
Focusing on core practices and strategies that authentically prioritize student inquiry, collaboration, and create engagement through a critical consciousness.
Prioritizing a holistic approach to supporting students with Social-Emotional Learning that leverages all of the stakeholders in a child’s life such as family, community, teachers, and friends.

5 Pillars of the Social-Emotional Learning Coalition

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Equitable Access

Reduce barriers to critical SEL resources and professional learning resources for every child, teacher, advocate, and parent.

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Integration for all Learning Environments

Support professional learning and core instruction that infuse SEL across content areas; into classrooms and beyond.

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Quality Content

Provide a rich digital platform of high-quality, vetted, up-to-date, and actionable SEL resources for use in today's world.

Strategic Thought Leadership Icon

Thought Leadership

Foster an engaged coalition of public, private, and philanthropic partners that exchange ideas and catalyze access to SEL at scale.

Commitment to Impact Icon

Commitment to Impact

Measure the reach and impact of SEL resources for educators, practitioners, and young people.

Staying Centered at the SEL Center

Discovery Education’s Social-Emotional Learning Center presents a curated collection of resources that support professional development, SEL integration into classrooms, and student-facing digital content for all grades. Explore this regularly-updated, no-cost hub of critical, vetted, and high-quality SEL resources for K–12 classrooms.

The current state of SEL education

Less than one in four teachers say SEL is implemented in their school on a programmatic, schoolwide basis.

— From a recent report by Civic with Hart Research Associates