Leading with SEL

No matter what an individual’s unique background or learning level, every student and adult can connect at the universal level of social-emotional interaction. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is the key to engaging with others in and out of the classroom, honoring identity, and understanding how our experiences shape the world around us.

Empower students to embrace everyday interactions and develop social-emotional skills they can use to create success through the SEL Coalition’s standards-aligned K–12 curriculum resources.

Guiding Principles

The SEL Coalition is committed to developing a responsive culture of empathy and collective care in schools and communities nationwide. Social-emotional growth is an ongoing, lifelong process for every student and teacher, and our regularly-updated resources are designed to continually accommodate your journey through three guiding principles:

  • Highlighting the importance of intentionality in building relationships, creating safe spaces, and amplifying student voice
  • Focusing on core practices and strategies that authentically prioritize student inquiry, collaboration, and create engagement through a critical consciousness
  • Prioritizing a holistic approach to supporting students with Social-Emotional Learning that leverages all of the stakeholders in a child’s life such as family, community, teachers, and friends

Areas of Focus

The Social-Emotional Learning Coalition sparks vital connections between core instructional content and pivotal moments happening in students’ lives and world:

  • Body Image
  • Human Rights
  • Identity
  • Decision Making
  • Navigating Peer Relationships
  • Setting and Accomplishing Goals
  • Critical Consciousness
“One of the biggest problems we face as a society is not having an opportunity for our voices to be heard.”
Elementary School Educator