Becoming an SEL Educator

By embracing Social-Emotional Learning as a tool to engage students, your own skills as a teacher, listener, and leader will be strengthened in the process. Find exciting ways to activate SEL in your class and community with a series of no-cost professional learning resources created using a diverse spectrum of subject matter expertise.

Explore the ways educators nationwide are finding success in K–12 classrooms using SEL essentials.

Integrate SEL into Core Instruction

The Social-Emotional Learning Center’s professional learning resources focus on practical strategies that help guide academic success. You can use these fundamental concepts as tools for building better classroom interactions.

  • Create space for students to lead with identity
  • Build a critical consciousness through questioning
  • Leverage perspective taking
  • Construct authentic and constructive conversations
  • Create opportunities for reflection


Dive into important SEL conversations no matter what your level of expertise with the help of these educator resources. Develop your capacity as an SEL educator using innovative insights from peers and thought leaders.

Educators Applying SEL in the Classroom

This collection of Master Class videos features educators at every level discussing how to enhance student engagement using practical SEL tools and strategies. Learn More


Human Rights Focus

See how real-world educators are building bridges to better student outcomes using flexible Social-Emotional Learning strategies. This Master Class series features educators from elementary, middle, and high school sharing how SEL has empowered them to create more responsive classroom environments.

“When you open up and tell students that they belong, it creates a new avenue. When its intentional, kids know you are trying to get to the know them because you care.”
James O’Neal
Middle School Math Teacher