SEL and Human Rights Masterclass

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Explore Human Rights Education

The Freedom To Choose Empathy

Uncover the essence of universal Human Rights to help reinforce your capacity as an effective SEL educator. Try the “About – Through – For” framework for bringing to life human rights principles in class and facilitating conversations about human rights issues at all levels.

  • Exploring where human rights are found: your home and classroom, your local community, and all the way across the world.
  • Highlighting what human rights are by contextualizing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with current events.
  • Making human rights education accessible to all educators through an ABOUT, THROUGH, and FOR framework.

Karen Robinson

Director of Speak Truth To Power

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

Karen is the Director of Speak Truth To Power, an interactive digital learning resource that immerses students and educators into the global and historical context of Human Rights Education.


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When you open up and tell students that they belong, it creates a new avenue. When its intentional, kids know you are trying to get to the know them because you care.
James O’Neal
Middle School Math Teacher