SEL and Responsible Decision Making

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Infusing SEL into the School Day

Making Your Mission Livable

Dr. James Edmond uses social-emotional learning in the classroom to let students embrace who they are and overcome challenges collaboratively like a family. Find out how SEL can be used to build positive relationships with both students and their parents, while creating meaningful experiences that will inspire students to positively impact the greater community.

  • Incorporating SEL throughout the day to encourage healthy decisions in school and beyond.
  • Accepting our emotions and opening-up to our classroom family.
  • Partnering with parents to support the success of students.
  • Living your core values and modeling healthy decision-making.

Dr. James Edmond

Principal, Woodside Elementary School

“What I always ground myself in is: it has to be livable, it has to be memorable.”


Educators Applying SEL in the Classroom

This collection of Master Class videos features educators at every level discussing how to enhance student engagement using practical SEL tools and strategies. Learn More

When you open up and tell students that they belong, it creates a new avenue. When its intentional, kids know you are trying to get to the know them because you care.
James O’Neal
Middle School Math Teacher