Giving Students a Voice Masterclass

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Identity, Empathy, and Belonging

Amplifying Student Voice

Step into the classroom of social studies teacher Valencia Abbott, who uses Social-Emotional Learning fundamentals to engage students on a human-to-human level and transcend the teacher-student boundary. See how Valencia stimulates student engagement using a few essential SEL skills:

  • Identity helps students connect learning areas to their own lives.
  • Empathy supports collaboration and conversation in the classroom.
  • Belonging can be cultivated through purposeful curricular content. 

Valencia Abbott

Social Studies Teacher

Rockingham Early College High School

Personal passion led Valencia Abbott to become a teacher at 40 years of age. As someone who's happy to try an unconventional approach to learning, Valencia is proud to work at a high school which allows students to obtain an Associate's degree alongside their high school diploma.

Educator Guide

Identity, Empathy, and Belonging

Flexible Time | 1 class session
Find ways to incorporate concepts discussed in the video into your own teaching using this comprehensive guide, including background information, hands-on activities and more.


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You have to show who you are, that human self, to reach students.
Valencia Abbott
Social Studies Teacher, Rockingham Early College High School