Ensure equity of access to critical Social-Emotional Learning content.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is the foundation to understanding identity, how we relate to one another, and how our experiences shape the world around us.

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Social-Emotional Learning has Never Been More Important.
Now more than ever, corporations have a responsibility to come together to ensure the integration of SEL and wellness into lessons and school culture to support the whole student development through personal and collective empowerment. More than two decades of research shows that SEL can help young people develop social responsibility, practice leadership, and gain personal and social skills critical in the workplace.

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Join us in this timely journey as we partner with school districts to foster social and emotional growth to prepare K-12 students for their brightest futures and provide educators the resources necessary for proper self-care and seamless integration of SEL into core instruction.

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Free Social-Emotional Learning Digital Resources

One of the five pillars of the Social-Emotional Learning Coalition is to ensure equity of access to critical SEL resources for educators, caregivers and afterschool directors. As such, the first initiative of the Social-Emotional Learning Coalition was the creation of the Social-Emotional Learning Center.

The Social-Emotional Learning Center is a no-cost library of digital resources created to support the integration of SEL and wellness into classroom core instruction. Content in the Center is aligned to SEL competencies and includes multimodal student-facing resources for all grade bands.

5 Pillars of the Social-Emotional Learning Coalition

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Visible, National, Public-Private Partnership

Private and philanthropic sector partners to drive access, innovation, and share the responsibility in embedding SEL more broadly into schools

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SEL in All Learning Environments

A library of resources that support professional learning and daily instruction seamlessly into the school day and beyond

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Equity of Access

Reduce barriers to critical SEL resources by supporting district leaders to scale access to Coalition resources and professional learning

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Strategic Thought Leadership

A national platform for stakeholders who recognize the importance of developing the whole child as an imperative to fostering teacher well-being and student voice and engagement

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Commitment to Impact

Measure the reach and impact of SEL resources, with a focus on the preparedness of educators

The Current State of SEL Education

Less than one in four teachers say SEL is implemented in their school on a programmatic, schoolwide basis.

According to a recent report by Civic with Hart Research Associates