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Finding Your Brave

Celebrate the dynamic, active process of self-discovery as students consider the many layers that make up identity. Travel to Camp We Rock in Charlotte, North Carolina to hear how students are finding strength in differences and using creative activities like music to explore who they are.

Classroom Conversation Starters

High School

  • How do you define identity?
  • What experiences have helped you discover who you are?
  • Do you regularly consider the identities of the people in your life?
  • Can music be as effective for self-expression as direct communication?

About the Video Topic Series

Explore the ways that students can put key social-emotional competencies into practice in everyday situations to navigate their world and make a positive impact. These videos empower teens to better understand themselves as they develop their ability to make intelligent decisions and build positive relationships.

Explore Classroom Activities

Give students hands-on opportunities to develop everyday social-emotional practices and skills with a series of flexible classroom activities. Explore SEL activities by category including Social Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, Personal Growth and more.

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"Identity isn’t how people see you, it’s how you see yourself."
Student at Camp We Rock